This logo was created for a 99design contest, and was intend for a gamified app where people ask and answer questions (kweries), share them with their friends and followers, and find out what people think about a topic.

The idea here was to explore the app dimension of the brand, and how I could implement the elegant yet playfull style of the logo design onto the app user interface.

The main idea of Kwerius was to create a social platform in which it’s users would expand ideas and opinions in a playful and innovative way throughout their interactions.

The cat stands for it’s curiosity as his tail curls to subtely form a question mark. Kweries then become wool pelts that create threads across the users.

The target audience were 15 to 35 years old, curious, nifty with pride and alternative public.


Thank you Tyler Lastovich, Marten Bjork and Hussain Ibrahim for the amazing picutures !

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